Who We Are

Save time finding and sifting through talent. Our candidates come from top universities and go through an extensive pre-vetting process.

Young people value community and mentorship over base pay. Our program hosts the largest community of Gen Z women with an extensive mentorship program. This attracts a unique pool of talent who end up choosing us over Big Four and Tech Giants.


We work with companies like…



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Our Talent Pipeline

👩‍👧‍👧 Large Pool → We have 16K+ total members in our pipeline today and this number is rapidly growing! We get 800+ new applicants to the Generation She internship program every few months! Only 1% of our applicants are accepted into our program.

🏆 High Caliber Candidates → Our candidates come from schools like Harvard, Columbia, UPenn, Brown, and more. After completing our program, our interns go on to work at companies like Apple, Facebook, Disney, and Accenture!

💪 The Next Generation McKinsey Firm → Our candidates range from ages 16 to 25. Gen Zers know the ins and outs of the trends and appeals of the current market, making them critical for business. User testing and strategic consulting are built into every intern role.

Moreover, Gen Zers are digitally nimble and better at learning things they don’t know. They understand what needs to be done with minimal explanation compared to offshore talent or short-term freelancers/contractors.

🛠️ Highly Sought After Skills For Today’s Work Force → Our students are good at…

…to put it simply, our students are career learners. They are always looking to improve and develop their skillset and would be an impactful addition to any team.

What Gen Z’ers Are Saying


“As a student, I was looking for an internship where I could work with talented, passionate people on meaningful work. Generation She provided the perfect opportunity to learn and develop my skills alongside an amazing team while contributing to a mission I personally connected with.”

Madeleine Yeh, The Wharton School, UPenn

“My dream internship is one that could transform an intimidating, new environment into a welcoming home…I would know that I could overcome any challenge because of the support and resources readily available to me. I'd be surrounded by diverse, passionate individuals who motivate me to constantly improve. We would feel comfortable expressing our individuality, both in our conversations and in our work. I would know that my voice matters and that I'm making a lasting impact as an intern.”


Lisette Malacon, Computer Science, Stanford

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